Lithuanian Defence and Security Industry Association (LDSIA) a public, independent, non profit organization, founded in February 2014.

LDSIA Vision:
To unite and oversee Lithuanian security and defence industries association in order to optimize and expand the potential and capacity of the Lithuanian security and defence industries via transparent cooperation with local and foreign GOs, NGOs and institutions. It seeks to ensure effective, sustainable and timely supplies for Lithuanian defence and security capabilities by supporting, maintaining and supplying them with the newest high technologies in armament, machinery, engineering, medicine, informational technologies, etc.  It aims to provide necessary means, services, consultations, training and education; promote and expand Lithuanian industry and science to local and international theater.

Main LDSIA Goals:

  • To protect and represent the interests of LDSIA members in Lithuanian and foreign public, private sector and non-governmental organizations;
  • To promote the mutual development of LDSIA members;
  • Strengthen Lithuanian defense and security industries.

LDSIA President – Mr. Arūnas Šikšta

CEO – Mr. Rosvaldas Gorbačiovas

Members of the Board:

  • Mr. Vaidotas Aleksius (Chairman of the Board) – “Vialex”
  • Mr. Romualdas Jonaitis – “Argus”
  • Aleksandras Nikonovas – “Giraitės ginkluotės gamykla”
  • Mr. Sigitas Gudeika – “ASU Baltija”
  • Mr. Gintautas Jurgionis – “Vilimekso sistema”
  • Mr. Egidijus Skužinskas – “Arveka”
  • Mr. Dominykas Vizbaras – “Brolis Semiconductors”